Thursday, May 3, 2012

Requirements and beginning design

Here are the requirements for the Info Displays for SDMA (as discussed on 5/2 in class).  We can discuss these again in class on 5/8 and make any revisions.

- Should display overall schedule for the summer for Summer Salon Series
- Should display a more detailed schedule of the current night as well a locational map of some sorts
- Should be easy and quick to assemble and take down
- Should be lightweight
- Should accommodate adaptable uses by visitors and be interactive in its format
- Should function as space in the museum that simultaneously stimulates long term engagement as well as directs and supplements the other events happening as part of the Museum.
- Could possibly be a distribution site for the Museum bookstore as well as participating artist's materials, ephemera and products
- Can facilitate multiple media formats (from hand painted signs to digital media).
- Should be adaptable to accommodate various forms of didactic materials
- Could have seating for long term didactic engagement

After meeting, I had a rudimentary idea for the bar in terms of our discussion of fabrics based on the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude:

Not sure how this would work, but just putting the idea up here.

See you tuesday,

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