Friday, May 4, 2012

North Park

The Northpark trip was interesting because we were able to observe how the neighborhood evolved over time. It has a lot of character and more culture as compared to other neighborhoods in San Diego. I'm assuming since it's more of an "artistic" region. Even with it's artsy style and local shops, there's a bit of history behind the region that I noticed on the sidewalks. Each plaque has historic info on the architect and building that it sits in front of. The West Coast Tavern building was the first theater, with the neighboring coffee shop building also being historic. I always enjoy seeing Starbucks placed in the historic buildings as opposed to them building a new one specifically for the corporation. These small details add more character.  I also really like the utility boxes that are painted, it's something that has to be there regardless, so why not make it a work of art. As far as information displays, I liked the "architecture" signage that was made out of recycled metal. I think that anything we are able to recycle should be put to use first, as opposed to buying all new products and using up the budget. I think that there's something about color and the style of things in Northpark that make people feel comfortable and want to get out and walk around.. I think with our exhibit we should definitely bring some color to the space. 

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