Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo Journal 2 Horton Plaza - Eric

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

I don't think we should try to read into Horton Plaza too much past the surface.  Take it for what it is, and not some architectural masterpiece that has some deeper meaning and purpose.  It is the cross between a commercial shopping mall and Disney World.  There are small snippits of a lot of San Diego culture (or lack there of) mostly in the form of storefronts that gives it a fake sense of context.  In my opinion, the signage was economically effective for the businesses, but doesn't have the level of creative integrity that I think we can produce for the final Salon Series Installation.  We have a full space to create a "sign" out of... an inhabitable "sign."  What we see on the street fronts throughout San Diego and Horton Plaza is a mere surface treatment... icing on the cake inside.  We gotta make the cake better than the icing.

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