Thursday, April 26, 2012

                      After looking around a bit, I'd realized I have been to this museum before...
guess the artwork is way more memorable than the building.  It seems the buildings of Balboa Park-in trying to imitate the Spanish architecture-tend to all look the same.  So I went for the details, distinguishing features, and I think wayfinding is up there on my list.

                        So here's the map.  I noticed it tends to stay true to the color key, as far as accent walls in the different exhibits.  Also the second floor has a distinctly lighter feel, with the openness, yellowness and lighting.  The bottom level felt heavier and darker; materials like marble floors and fixtures being more grand.
I'd like to see if we can incorporate some of this into directionals, or even provide a more intuitive way for visitors to locate events.
Indonesian Architects, Alur Design 2010
                      I found this image of an installation based on batik, but it reminds me of some of the museum's registers (and the area by the stairs), also going with the tapestry theme.  Something like this piece could cover the seating criteria as well, and maybe serve direction-wise too (in the "magic carpet" feel, addressed in a previous post).

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