Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo Journal 1 - Eric

After visiting the museum for the first time, it became immediately apparent that we will be dealing with a blank slate for our "installation."  There is definitely an opportunity to use both floors as the main rotunda is open to a fake skylight and the second floor above.  Among many ideas for the project, I see wayfinding devices hung from banisters on the second floor and even from lighting fixtures on the first (if the hanging piece is lightweight).  Given the tapestry theme, lightweight fabrics could be hung and woven throughout the museum directing traffic flow to each gallery.  These fabrics could become a backdrop for performances or become a screen for video projections.  They could even extend outside of the museum and form a "red carpet" effect as visitors approach the museum entrance.  Not only would this endeavor be cheap, but it would be minimal and effective as a wayfinding device.  I have put a picture of a computational design research project as a bit of inspiration and clarification.  I would imagine we could use different colored fabrics to represent each gallery.  Since we have the water fountain centered in the rotunda, the fabrics could appear as if they are splashing out of the otherwise non-functional fountain.  I feel we should take advantage of what is most permanent in our entry space, as opposed to working around it.  The curator mentioned that they could move everything out of the space, except the fountain.  I feel the largest challenge would be taking it down and putting it back up each Friday.  Perhaps, we can raise it to the ceiling and merely lower everything for the Salon Series.  Just an idea.....

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