Saturday, April 21, 2012

Museum Visit

On our site visit, I noticed that the museum space has a few obvious empty wall and floor spaces that provide good opportunity. The panoramic photo displays the central space, while the other photos of the space depict opportunities. Small seating areas are aligned with the grand stair, but are not utilized often, therefore, there’s a definite need for more seating within our design.
I also took photos of unique moments or items within the museum that inspire thoughts/ideas for our design. I thought the fake skylight illuminating the lobby rotunda area was quite funny, although not many people would notice something like this-I like the idea of creating a fake environmental condition that allows for more occupant control and/or in a setting where this naturally would not be possible. I also started looking at the frames on each painting, noticing how each was unique and either added something to the painting itself or blended into the background to not take any attention away from the art itself. The manner in which the art is displayed, the lighting, the frame, even the color of the wall -these are all factors to take into account when displaying something within the museum. Each environment/setting is unique to the art being displayed. The last photo of artwork in the museum was a painting displayed on tiles which I really loved because it goes along with our theme of looking at different mediums to use when conveying a message. These tiles in particular were placed in domestic settings in everyday life.
The examples of information displays or creative art pieces start with the new airport desks for JetBlue. The text is used to create a decorative pattern behind the workers which also conveying their motto or company goals. The second photo is a sofa store in Germany where the windows and lighting and other furniture items are cutouts in the wall so our attention is placed on the sofas since they are the only physical item in the rooms. The next photo is from a shoe store, which I liked the unique way they displayed the shoes creating a unique environment/interaction to the products as well. The Californian flag is a three dimensional representation for a storefront, while the photo below it is a storefront that took brown paper bags of different shapes and sizes and reconstructed them to look like a city. The final photo displays a unique way of applying text through the density and weaving of thread over nails, this makes the text or message a piece of artwork in itself.

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